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Wright Brother and the public presentation of his airplane


The Wright Brothers, Orville and Wilbur did not immediately present their airplanes to the public after they built them. There were several reasons for this:

  1. They were focused on perfecting their design: The Wright brothers were perfectionists and determined to build a practical and reliable aircraft before showing it to the public. They conducted extensive testing and made numerous modifications to their design before they felt it was ready for public demonstration.
  2. They were concerned about patent infringement: The Wright brothers were concerned that others would copy their designs and infringe on their patents. They wanted to secure patents on their design before demonstrating it to the public.
  3. They were worried about the public’s reaction: The Wright brothers were aware that their design was quite different from anything seen before, and they were worried that the public would not understand or accept it. They wanted to be sure that their design was sound and that they could control the aircraft before demonstrating it to the public.
  4. They were seeking government funding: The Wright brothers also sought government funding to support their work. They wanted to demonstrate their design to government officials to secure funding before showing it to the general public.
  5. They were looking for a suitable location to demonstrate their aircraft: The Wright brothers needed a location with enough space to fly their aircraft and enough wind to generate lift. They spent several years looking for a suitable location before finally finding one in 1908.

All these reasons combined made them take several years to show their airplanes to the public; they finally demonstrated their design in 1908 in a public exhibition in France and 1909 in the United States.



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